Bachelor Book Collection in LibraryThing

I’ve started a collection of bachelor books in Library Thing ( with several objectives:

1) Social scholarship: share my research collections

2) Organization: I’m searching the LC catalog and grabbing the reference for anything that seems relevant.

3) History of reading: I’m interested in seeing who else has the books I’ve collected and contacting them about their attitudes towards the book

The LC lists 882 results for the keyword “bachelor”–unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to narrow my search by year, etc. However, I’ve come across a number of interesting works: many sitcoms address the bachelor, as do folk songs, romance novels, cookbooks, and swinger’s guides. I’ve observed a number of bachelor works from the turn of the 20th c and the 1930s. I’m generally not collecting the more recent stuff, but this is making me think that I should at least expand my scope to the 1930s. There are also a number of works about bachelor girls, so perhaps I should work on an article examining the relationship between the bachelor girl and bachelor artist.

I really like librarything, particularly:

  • auto-generated links to works in Google Books (probably taking advantage of google books api)
  • ability to see else owns the book
  • image of book cover, which gives you a quick visual sense of the book (that is, I can quickly spot a romance nonvel)
  • ability to search my collections
  • ability to customize display
  • ability to find other folks who have same books

Note: Single men > Fiction is the LC subject heading for bachelor fiction


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